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Are all of your belts made out of real leather, or are they bonded leather?
Our belts are 100% solid, one-piece, 8-9 ounce solid leather, NEVER bonded.
Do your belts have snaps so that the buckles can be changed easily?
All of our belts are made with “snap construction” so you can easily snap on your favorite buckle, should you so desire.
How large do you make your belts?
Our belts can be made as small as size 20 and as large as size 72, and even up to 80 on some styles.


Which hole on the belt determines the size?
The middle hole of the belt is the exact size of the belt. A belt is ideally one size larger than a pant size.

How do you ship your belts?
Via UPS in the USA and via the US Post Office internationally.


What trade shows do you attend?
The ASD AMD trade show in Las Vegas in March & August.